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Tibby's Diner
Samin Shakeri (Sage) 
13th-Apr-2008 12:29 pm
Player: Sage
PB: Nadia Bjorlin
MySpace: samins_space
Other notes from the player: I’m really just learning about Sam. She’s still being pretty quiet with me. The fire and loss of her uncle and injuries to her father have really affected her. She’s the baby of the family, even of all the cousins and a huge Daddy’s girl. Her family has been hit hard by anti Iranian sentiments over the last 7 years. Some from outsiders and some from other Muslims. I’m interested to see where she’ll go as she develops. No secrets that she has revealed to me yet, though.

Full Name: Samin Shakeri

Nickname: Sam or Sammy. It’s short for Samin (pronounced Sah-meen)

Birthday: March 5, 1989. I’m 18

From: Brooklyn originally. Now in Manhattan

Why in New York?: finishing high school. Still live with my family

Personality: I love music (of all kinds), food, dancing, photography and architecture. Oh, and boys! I’m a little shy at first, especially since 9-11 and the war started. It’s kinda hard to know who will judge me because of my heritage and who wont. Once I know you I’m more outgoing and a big flirt. I am on the dance teams and color guard I am also on the Debate team and am the Student Body VP. I am on the yearbook staff, Volleyball and Baseball teams. And I sing every time I get a chance, choir, musicals and I work at Ellen’s on the weekends.

Bad Habits: not filled out yet

Looks: I’m 5'7 and athletic. I am tallish and curvy, with long dark hair, dark brows, and really pale eyes. Mostly they look blue but that does change with what I wear and mood. They some times go grey or green as well. Since I’m half Persian and half Irish I guess you could say I have an exotic look for a Brooklyn girl.

Identifying Marks: not filled out yet

Family: I am the youngest of 3. I have an older brother (Zakaria aka Zak) and sister (Talayeh aka Tally). Their mother died having my brother and my father married my mother and they had me a few years later. We were all born here and are actually second generation American. My father and uncle inherited the Persian restaurant my grandparents owned in Brooklyn but it was firebombed about a year ago. Some of the men didn’t like that my mother is Irish and broke out the windows and tossed in some molotov cocktails. My uncle was killed and my father was badly burned in the fire. He’s not able to work yet but we got some insurance to get us through. He wanted us to be in a safer area so we’ve moved here. Even though they have been through a lot, my parents are totally in love and still together.

Hobbies/Interests: baseball, music, dance, boys

Currently in school? If so, where?: Snyder High School. Went over that in my likes and stuff.

Occupation: I work at Ellen’s on the weekends. Before the fire I worked at my family’s restraunt.
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