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Tibby's Diner
Dante John Mavlov (Marbles) 
13th-Apr-2008 11:47 am
Player: Marbles
PB: Dominic Lucero
MySpace: bumlets
Other notes from the player: He is secretly afraid of girls and approaching them. he is still a virgin, both of these would be known to him and his best friend Itey....i still have to talk to Sage about that, if not then only he would know it

Full Name: Dante John Mavlov (My last name comes from my Russian-Italian father who married my Italian mother and passed on his Russian name to my family)

Nickname: Bumlets...i got it from a lazy day when i was acting like a bum just sitting around with some friends, i had a styrofoam cup from my coke eariler that day sitting next to me and people where starting to drop change into it. For that i was called Bum and one way or another it evolved into Bumlets

Birthday: I am 21, my is brithday January 13 1986

From: Italy though I spent most of my life in New York

Why in New York?: I came here as a kid because my parents got jobs here and i have been here sense

Personality: i am an all around good guy though i tend to be on the quiet side. i do more with actions than words and i believe in the quote by Confusious "a good man will be slow to speak and quick to act", i love to be with my friends and have fun, i am the kind of guy that will listen to your problem and tell you what i think you should do about it or i am just there so you have someone to talk to. i dislike how people can be so cold and disconnected to people who aren't well off and to people who could use a friend. My pet peeve is someone getting rejected and treated poorly for nothing more than their money status.

Bad Habits: not filled out

Looks: I have dark brown-black hair that falls into my eyes slighlty and sweet slightly boyish but still handsome features, i am close to 6' tall and usually dressed comfortably, i wear old torn up blue jeans and a ratty shirt just to relax a bit or just a comfy pair of pants and band tshirts with sweatshirts. I wear old converse or flip flops most of the time.

Identifying Marks: not filled out

Family: my parents divorced when i was 15, i live with my mom and brother to cut down on school costs, and my brother is Tumbler

Hobbies/Interests: my hobbies include fencing at the local recreation center, computers, writing, and games

Currently in school? If so, where?: i am studying game design at the local college its my first year there.

Occupation: I work at Game Stop, the local video game store until I can find a better job but this one is good for now
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