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Tibby's Diner
Miki Suka Tulukaruk (Marbles) 
13th-Apr-2008 11:38 am
Player: Marbles
PB: Catherine Zeta-Jones
MySpace: miki_the_eskimo
Other notes from the player: Why her parents broke up and she hasn't told anyone who lives around here.

Full Name: Miki Suka Tulukaruk (it means Fast Little Crow....i am from an Eskimo line and have the traditional name)

Nickname: Ki, Suka, Marbles, Marbles was given to me by a group of friends because they said that i had "lost my marbles" suggesting that i was as crazy as my name...

Birthday: brithday is October 4, 1983, i am 23

From: Fairhaven Alaska near Auke Bay

Why in New York?: i moved here when i was 17 with my dad and stayed here because i liked it. and because of college

Personality: i love to have a good time and meet new people, i am always up for a game or sport of sorts even if i don't know how to play i am willing to learn. i like being around people and around animals. i loooove the snow but i really enjoy the summer too. i like seeing how different people can be and still get along but i dislike when people are just down right mean to others....i tend to be rather laid back about most things but i can have crazy high energy moments when i get excited or i am having a lot of fun. my pet peeve is telemarketers who totally kill my name and still expect me to buy something.

Bad Habits: not filled out

Looks: i have dark brown black hair that is longer and falls below my shoulders, i also have dark brown eyes. i am around 5'5'', i have a pretty nice body if i may say so myself, pale-ish skin, i usually wear jeans and t-shirts, just average clothing. though in the winter i don't bundle up quite as much as most of my friends do.

Identifying Marks: not filled out

Family: parents separated and my dad moved to NY taking me with him, my dad is a doctor that was pretty well paid back home but when my parents separated (when i was 15) he started to set things up to transfer to NY it took a few years for him to set everything up so we moved here when i was 17

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy glass and ceramics, partying, dancing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and animals

Currently in school? If so, where?: I own my own veterinary clinic graduated last year

Occupation: Veterinary Clinic that I own and its doing quite well, my dad helped get the money to start it up but i inist to pay him back in full as soon as i am able
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