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Tibby's Diner
Connor Myles Daly (Marbles) 
10th-Apr-2008 06:33 pm
Player: Marbles
PB: Jake Gyllenhaal
MySpace: connor_daly
Other notes from the player: Stuff about his family he keeps to himself along with anything he is told to or knows to keep quiet....if anyone would know that stuff it would be Spot.

Full Name: Connor Myles Daly

Nickname: Docks, because well when i was a kid i used to go swimming off the docks near where i lived (back in ireland) and the name was given to me and kind of stuck

Birthday: I am 22, my birthday is June 9 1984

From: Bandon Ireland!

Why in New York?: i came here for school and for a change of scenes

Personality: i am a pretty laid back guy, i do my job, i am loyal to my friends, i stand by my beliefs and all that good stuff, i love to have fun and be around my friends and i'm always up for a good party.

Bad Habits: not filled out

Looks: i have shortish brown hair, blue eyes, i stand around 6' 0 i think, pretty decently built, and dead sexy...haha

Identifying Marks: not filled out

Family: i had pretty okay parents for the most part....yeah they had their problems that made them seperate when i was 14 but they where still good to me. i lived with my mum mostly after the seperation

Hobbies/Interests: my hobbies include being with friends, drinking, the occasional smoke if the mood strikes, gambling....there is probably more but this will have to do... ;)

Currently in school? If so, where?: no i finished school last year...

Occupation: I work at the Firecracker Lounge
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