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Meghan Rylee MacKenzie Fraser (Sage) 
13th-Apr-2008 12:17 pm
Player: Sage
PB: Jen Garner
MySpace: jujitsu_gurl
Other notes from the player: um, Alex and Mo know the most about her. If it hadn't been for them she never would have made it through the miscarrage she had right after Jamie was deployed or his death in January. She still has a hard time with it sometimes and even though she is uber happy for them that Alex is pregnant she really wishes she had her own child to spoil. Since she has no family in New York she thinks of Mo and Alex as her brother and sister and Jayden as her neice. She would do anything for any of them. And of course eventually she will end up with Mo but even she doesn't have any idea about that at this point.

Full Name: Meghan Rylee MacKenzie Fraser

Nickname: Meg, Megs (pretty self explainitory) and Tiggy - I love Tigger

Birthday: August 30. I'm 22

From: where am I NOT from would be a shorter list. Daddy is an Admiral in the US Navy and we moved a LOT. I’ve lived all over the US, including Washington state, DC, Virginia, Maryland, California and of course New York. I’ve also lived in Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Spain and Italy. But as for where I was born? Okinawa, Japan

Why in New York?: Daddy was stationed near here the summer before my Senior year of High School. I graduated from Snyder and decided to stay and go to NYU business college. Now I own a studio/dojo and teach yoga/martial arts and kick boxing.

Personality: I’m a pretty laid back person unless I’m teaching or competing. Then I get very focused and my usually soft voice turns into something more like my father’s when he’s barking orders to his men. I don’t like conflict and if friends are fighting with each other I am often the one that tries to keep the peace. I can be a bit too serious at times but I do like to laugh. I love children and really wish that Jamie and I had had one together but it wasn’t to be I guess. I meditate a lot and try to find the good in things. I’m not always successful but I do try. I did ballet for most of my childhood as well as the martial arts so I am a very disciplined. Also because of my father being a career Navy man and we were all expected to make our beds with tight corners that he could bounce a quarter off of (yes he really did that when I was growing up) I can be a bit of a neat freak But I have broken myself of being completely obsessive compulsive about it. Having Jayden and Elektra around have helped with that. LOL. I usually prefer staying home and hanging out with a few friends to going out with big crowds. There are very few things that touch of my temper, which is pretty bad if I actually lose it. The worst are people that claim to support our troops but are not willing to give them the things they need to do their jobs. Either give them the funding so they can do their job as safely and completely as possible...or pull them out and bring them home NOW. Don’t pussy foot about and put them in a position where they’re using substandard gear. People with bad manners drive me completely batty, I don’t want to see the exact status of your food as you eat it. I also hate when people see someone being hurt and do nothing to help. If I see someone getting mugged or mistreated I will say or do something about it.

Bad Habits: Um, I don’t do any of those bad things, like smoking and excessive drinking, but I’ve become a bit of a hermit since Jamie died. I don’t go out much, just hang out with Morris, Alex and Jayden in my free time. I work a lot of hours, it keeps me from being so lonely I guess. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things but it’s been really hard. Wait...I do sometimes bite my nails. I’ve been really good about that lately though.

Looks: I have hazel eyes that shift colors between looking very green to looking brown. My hair is brown and quite long. It’s got a natural wave to it and it goes to the middle of my back. I was longer but I cut it about a month ago and donated 15 inches to locks of love. I have strong angular features and my forehead is a bit too high for my liking. But I have a pretty smile and deep dimples and full lips so that makes up for the big forehead. I’m 5'9 so I’m a lot taller than most of my friends. I’m slim but have an athletic build since I work out a lot.

Identifying Marks: I have a lot of scars from mishaps with weapons doing martial arts katas and sparring. No tattoos. My ears are pierced twice.

Family: my parents are still married, though Daddy is currently stationed in the gulf. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. And my new kitten Elektra. My husband Jamie was killed in the war January 13th 2007.

Hobbies/Interests: yoga, martial arts, ballet, dance, theater, hockey, movies, music, kick boxing, hanging out with friends, playing with my kitten.

Currently in school? If so, where?: No. I have a degree in business management from NYU

Occupation: I co-own and teach at a yoga/martial arts studio/dojo called The Jade Dragon. I teach yoga, martial arts (tai chi, judo, jujitsu, akido), kick boxing and self defense workshops.
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