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Tibby's Diner
Molly Gillian Zift (Marbles) 
10th-Apr-2008 06:24 pm
Player: Marbles
PB: Scarlett Johansson
MySpace: mis_molly
Other notes from the player: She was gone for a while because her dad died, she told people she was just visiting family because she doesn't want anyone to know the real reason she was gone or bother her about it. She doesn't want anyone to worry....the only people who know are her bothers and direct family.

Full Name: Molly Gillian Zift

Nickname: Jade, because of my green eyes and my love for green stones.

Birthday: May 3, 1984 I am 22

From: I was born and raised in Washington D.C.

Why in New York?: I came here when I was 17 for school and fell in love with the place.

Personality: I love to have a good time and I am pretty laid back and easy going. I can think quickly on my feet and tend to be good at working things out. When someone yells at me I tend to let them rant and then work things out once they have calmed down a bit. My friends mean everything to me and I have the best time with them! I enjoy singing from time to time though i don't think i am very good, and I like to do all sorts of puzzles. (I know I know, i'm a geek). I really dislike almonds...and crazy drivers that seem to try and get human hood ornaments. My pet peeve would have to be...getting mugged....its happened to me a lot and it really annoying.

Bad Habits: not filled out

Looks: I am around 5'7'' with lovely green eyes and naturally blonde slightly curly hair. I do dye my hair from time to time just to change things up though. I have a small waist but i am still a naturally curvey girl...pretty hour glass shaped really. I have my own sense of style that goes along with my mood. I have quite a few peircings in my ears....and i have my belly button peicred...i used to have my nose peirced but I took that out after high school.

Identifying Marks: not filled out

Family: My mom died in child birth with my younger brother, i was raised by my dad....i also have a older brother (Rick) and a younger brother (Jesse)

Hobbies/Interests: I love to sing for fun, go bowling, and laser tag is fun too. I also like to draw when i get a chance but it doesn't happen very often.

Currently in school? If so, where?: No I graduated from the University of Manhattan

Occupation: I am a human relations and publicist/public rep for the Double Tree Guest Suites hotel.
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